January 4th, 2005


Blessed, blessed connectivity

Phew. Back online at last. I was starting to get the shakes.

Since my dad switched us over from cable to DSL, I've had to depend on despammed.com's very, very rudimentary webmail client for my email, instead of having it forward to my super-secret ISP email. So I'd been bugging him about setting up a sub-account so I could use a real email client again. A couple of days ago he relented, and promptly re-inserted the DSL modem setup CDROM. Why he didn't just go to the ISP's site and set things up there, I don't know. Anyway, apparently the first thing the install does after it's confirmed that the modem is attached is set things so the system uses a temporary ID that is only usable for registering an account. So suddenly we had no net access. And of course, he couldn't remember the username & password he'd used to set things up in the first place. Fortunately, just today he stumbled across a piece of paper he'd written the username down on, and it worked.

In other Wallace family computing news, my mom got an Apple iBook for Xmas. My dad could've gotten off cheaper if he'd gotten a PC laptop, of course, but my mom uses Macs at her job, and has steadfastly refused to learn how to use my dad's PC. Personally, I think if she had a PC laptop she'd adapt pretty quickly, but I know she wouldn't want to hear that and she'd be disappointed with the gift, which is why my dad asked for my opinion pre-xmas I said the Apple was probably the best bet. Of course, the iBook runs OS X while the old iMacs at my mom's office are still all running OS9, so she's gonna have to adapt a bit anyway (the interface is actually more like my old Linux/WindowMaker box than "Classic" MacOS or Windows), but eh, whatever. She's happy with it, so it was the right choice.

Now that the DSL is working, I'm gonna have to set up the ol' router and hub again so mom can get online from home.

I loved her, but I could never have her

Well, Goosey has been adopted. Yesterday I saw that there was a tag on her cage that said "Hold 1/3 (second hold)", and while I was cuddling her a call came in from the first people to put a hold on her confirming the adoption. So, I went by today and cuddled her goodbye. On the one hand, I'm happy that she's been adopted and will have a home of her own to go to; on the other hand, I'm sad that I couldn't be the one to give her that home, and I'll probably will never see her again. I got kinda choked up, walking home.

It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

I'll keep telling myself that.
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