September 11th, 2004

evil mickey


God I hate my new job. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning sucks for an evening person like me, and the job is boring, exhausting, hot, and miserable. I don't feel like I'm getting much of a grasp on it (strangely, mostly regarding the opening boxes part of it—I'm constantly cutting off the bottom of a box when I should slit the sides and vice versa). And there's daily pressure to put in hours of overtime. I worked 7 to 6 last Wednesday, and felt like dying afterwards. Plus, the radio is constantly on KNBR sports talk, which I have to tune out or my brain turns to mush.

At least it's a paycheck. And the people are mostly okay. But still. I dislike this job more than any other I've had so far.
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    Ananda Shankar Experience and State of Bengal - Tori
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