August 5th, 2004



My dad's computer, which I've been using since mine died, is in one of the front rooms of my family's apartment, which is the bottom floor of a duplex. The windows look out on the street, through a rather large plant with clusters of small, yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. We tend to keep one of the windows partway open to get some air circulation going.

This morning, while I was reading LiveJournal, a hummingbird, evidently attracted by those flowers, flew in the window and started buzzing around the ceiling. Apparently it couldn't find its way out again. I closed the office door to keep the cat out, opened the window the rest of the way, and tried to find a way to coax it out. The problem was that the bird refused to fly lower than a foot below the ceiling, far out of range of the open window. In the absence of a butterfly net or similar implement, I attached a plastic grocery bag to my jo staff and attempted to catch the bird. The makeshift net was too hard to control, however, and the bag's opening refused to point forward, so I gave up. The poor thing kept bumping into the ceiling and little bits of feathers would float down. I went to get the broom, but ended up deciding that it probably wouldn't work since waving things at the bird just made it move to other corners of the ceiling.

Eventually, after talking to my mom on the phone, I opened both windows and rolled the shades up completely (instead of just above the opening) and keft the room for a while. When I came back, it was gone. Phew.
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