June 27th, 2004


Wrestling is real; life is fake

Took in a pro wrestling show yesterday. Since I couldn't get a ride from another friend, I had to tag along with Joe, which meant heading down pretty early because he had to help set things up. Fortunately I remembered to take my GBA with me. While I waited, I finished Super Mario World (I didn't get everything, though) and played some Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. A little while before the show was supposed to start, Joe came out with another one of the beginners and we took a quick trip to a sporting goods store to pick up a referee's shirt. The guy, I think his name was Keith, was pretty cool. We talked about B-movies.

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After the show, I hung around. Joe was my ride, so I had to wait for him to get finished. I chatted with JJ Perez' dad — he almost hadn't made it to the show, but APW superfan Licorice Joe had helped him out. I complimented some of the wrestlers on a good show as they came out. Big Sal got his picture taken with some people who'd come all the way from France. Some of the wrestlers shot the shit outside by Billy Blade's truck. They teased him for having blue running lights installed. Joe made a run to Crap In The Sack and picked up a Jumbo Jack for me. Eventually most of the wrestlers left, and Joe said I could come inside. Victor, the head janitor, loved my James Choi t-shirt, and brought me over to show the boss, Roland (who really didn't seem to care as much as Victor did, and was also busy with a phone call). That felt odd. Before he left, Roland congratulated the beginners on a cleaning job well done and shook their hands. Since I was standing around with them, he shook my hand automatically, but then said, "Are you one of my students?"
"Then you don't owe me any money, do you?"
"Okay then." and he left. Oh...kayy...

Joe had to stick around to lock up, since Billy Blade and Tommy Angels were still there reviewing footage of their matches and duping copies. and they didn't have keys to the place. So we were all sitting around in the video room. It was interesting hearing their thoughts on the 6-man tag match. They were pointing out places where things went wrong, blown spots and problems with the match psychology. Apparently there were a lot of things that should have happened in the match, but were forgotten on derailed at the time.

Afterwards, Joe & I drove to his house to have a few beers. We watched a movie, and I ended up staying over because it was too late (and Joe was too drunk) to drive back to Berkeley.
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Hooray for Bollywood

Last night at Joe's house, we were trying to think of something to do. I suggested the NWA-TNA tape I'd made for him, but he said he preferred to watch something on DVD. His sister brought up Bollywood, and that prompted Joe to throw in a movie titled Shakti. I'd never seen a Bollywood movie before. The movie was interesting, but long. We didn't get more than halfway through it before we knocked off for the night (at around 2 am). It's about an Indian-Canadian woman who gets married to a guy who turns out to have a dark past: he's the son of an Indian warlord involved in a war with another branch of the family. It was pretty good, although it starts at the beginning (before she's even married the guy) and doesn't leave very much out. Also, the hero doesn't even appear until about halfway through the movie (we quit before he'd even had much character development). There were a few musical numbers, but it was mostly plot-driven.

In terms of style, it reminded me a lot of Hong Kong movies. People overact in similar ways, the main villain is from the same "greasy short scheming creep" mold as hundreds of wushu villains, and the hero's first scene has him trying to fast-talk his way out of being arrested with the sort of stream of bullshit normally associated with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.

I'll have to finish watching the movie sometime. I wanna know what happens!
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My buddy!

My Best Friend is packy
Our 10 common interests are: #itswalky!, anime, avalon, board games, it's walky, it's walky!, japanese, nightstar, open source, webcomics
Who is your best friend?
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I wish I could remember the jingle from those "My Buddy" commercials so I could've quoted it in the subject line. Hmm...on second thought, I'm glad I can't. My head's full of enough stupid '80s crap already.
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