June 11th, 2004



I should've known better than to find Inexplicable Object of the Week again. Every time I look at it I end up laughing until I cry.

Some of my favorites:
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evil mickey


Second episode? installment? of NWA-TNA Impact was today. Here's the rundown:
  • Kid Kash (w/ Dallas) vs. Amazing Red - Amazing Red put on a better show this time, although his selling is still kind of half-hearted. Great spot: Kash tries to powerbomb Red off of the top rope (!) but Red counters it in midair into a hurricarana. Sweet. Some standard distract-the-ref-while your-buddy-destroys-the-guy-outside heel antics by Kash & Dallas. Kash won with a sick piledriver from a vertical suplex position.
  • crappy interview with Dusty Rhodes. The interviewer is waaay too hyped up about everything.
  • A. J. Styles vs. Kazarian, rematch for the X Division title - Fun match. Plenty of high flying and mat-based stuff, and good flow. The last show's 4-way main event showcased the X Division's signature high-risk craziness more, I think this one made the division look better from a wrestling standpoint, and not just a bunch of gymnasts crashing into each other. Styles won with the Styles Clash--it starts out like a reverse gory lock, except in front of Styles' body, and he jumps into a forward flop for a facebuster-ish thing. Looked a lot better this time. After the match, Kid Kash unsuccessfully attacked Styles, but Dallas came up behind AJ while he was distracted and beat him down. Kash & Dallas stomped on him until security drove them off. Apparently they did something similar on the last PPV.
  • Jeff Jarrett promo package. Boy, that guy sure likes to smash acoustic guitars over people's heads.
  • The Naturals and David Young vs. 3 Live Kru, 3 on 3 tag - 3 Live Kru is Ron "The Truth" Killings, Konnan, and B.G. James (I think I got the latter right). Killings is good, very athletic and with some great looking moves. Very fun match. A little bit of double teaming, but not much. 3LK picked up the win, so Killings gets a title shot against Jeff Jarrett. Afterwards, Jeff "El Kabong" Jarrett talked some smack from the ramp, then Dusty Rhodes interrupted and gave Killings a title shot at the next PPV. Killings and Jarrett talked some more shit to each other.
  • "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs. Sonny Siaki - Brown, in full heel mode, attacks Siaki as the latter tries to get into the ring. Much whupping outside the ring. Decent strong-style stuff from Siaki. Brown wins with the Pounce (or, as the IWC calls it, the PUONCE!!!1), a sort of shitty spear. Siaki got comforted by a hot girl afterwards.
  • America's Most Wanted promo package
  • Ad for Styles vs. Dallas on the next PPV, hyping Styles quite a bit
  • TNA Flashback: Urlacher (sp?) beats on some security red-shirts and then manager Johnny Fairplay. Ho hum. Not much better than showing the current heavyweight champ get whupped on by a country singer like they did last time.
  • As the announcers talk, some indie guy behind them tries to get hired the old fashioned way: by being in full costume and having his friends hold up a "Hire LA Darka" sign
  • Raven promo package plugging his challenge to Sabu.
  • Team Canada vs. Team Mexico, 3-on-3 tag - I love all the 6-man tag stuff! Fast-paced, good match. Mr. Agila from Team Mexico performed the world's goofiest arm drag. The Canucks are more balanced style-wise than the Mexicans, who seem to be mostly about the flippy stuff (nothing wrong with that--they're good at it). Team Canada wins after their manager interferes by tripping one of the Mexicans off of the top rope (using a hockey stick wrapped in the Canadian flag!) before he can jump onto somebody. Afterwards, big beatdown on the Mexicans. Team Captain Hector Garza (not involved in the match) runs in to break it up but gets stomped to the floor. Team NWA comes out to make the save. They brawl as the show ends.
Lot of promo packages this time, which was sort of a minus. Otherwise, it was mostly good solid matches. Also, they handled commercial breaks much better this time--the replays didn't distract.

Joe's gonna have to deal with some blip-verts, as my pause button trigger finger was a little itchy and I kept accidentally unpausing for split seconds of commercials. I hope they don't make his head explode like they did in Max Headroom.
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