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05 February 2007 @ 11:46 pm
For those who are curious about what this icon is for  
It's for MAGMA, my favorite Stravinsky-inspired French prog rock/jazz fusion group singing in an invented language. Samples below:

This is an old clip from a performance on television(!) in the '70s. The piece is De Futura.

The long-haired drummer who keeps making faces is bandleader/composer Christian Vander

And a more recent clip, also from French TV. The piece is K.A. (Kohntarkosz Anteria), a piece that was written back in the '70s but never recorded until recently:

Vander's hair is shorter (and greyer), and he's a little chubbier than he used to be back in the day. But he still makes faces, and still tears it up on the kit.
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