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Up in the canyon

After Anime Night, I still had some film left to use up. So I took a walk up into Claremont Canyon regional preserve in the hills East of my house. I'm no Ansel Adams, but I'm pleased with how they turned out.

This is Russell St. about 5 or so blocks up from my house. I liked how the trees formed what looks like a little tunnel. It's funny how places you're familiar with look different in photos.

Going up Claremont Ave. Down the street (behind me as I took this pic), it becomes a major thoroughfare, but in this area it's nice and calm. You can see some of the swanky houses on the hill.

Here we are at the entrance to the park. This picture was taken from a low angle to show the trees on the hill.

Claremont Canyon is filled with eucalyptus trees. It smells very nice.

Another pic of trees. You can see some of the town below between them. I picked a bad time to go out taking pictures. It was late afternoon, and the trail is on the West side of the hill, so the sun was low and made it impossible to shoot some parts of town. If I'd been thinking, I would've brought the polarizing lens for my camera. I might do that some other time.

From this angle you can see the Emeryville Public Market and nearby buildings, and off in the distance you can see the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island, and San Francisco (the Transamerica Pyramid is just barely visible here, although it's clearer in my print).

I can see my house from here! Well, no, actually I can't. It's somewhere between the blocky white building on the middle right and the two greyish blocky buildings on the middle left:

Beyond that, it's pretty hard to tell. It's probably obscured by trees.

The trail comes to a sort of promontory. This was taken from that flat area, looking North. Somebody's got a nice porch.

A tree with a hollow base on the promontory. It was burned a long time ago (probably by some idiot trying to make a small fire in the hollow), and the inside is still charred black. It's been a while, though, and since then it looks like several people have used it as sort of a blackboard. The tree is still alive, incidentally. This is looking West from about the same spot as the previous pic.

Now looking East, right behind the hollow tree is the entrance to the Spooky Forest! Actually, it's quite nice in there as long as you avoid the sleeping homeless people. I considered going in and taking pics in there (there's a nice little stream, among other things) but I was wearing shorts and didn't feel like getting poison oak. Instead, I took the path to the right (you can see a corner of it there), which goes up to the summit.

On the trail, looking South. That white building is the old Claremont Hotel. The sort of beige near-horizontal strip above it is Highway 24.

Further up the trail, it takes a turn to the left (North). This was taken looking East across the canyon. Those homes are expensive as hell.

The trail, getting close to the top. It feels even steeper than this looks.

Here we are at the summit, looking North across Strawberry Canyon and towards Tilden Park. To the left of the lower curve in the road there is the Botanical Garden,. Most of the buildings around there belong to UC Berkeley. To the right of the upper curve is Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, including the cyclotron and bevatron and other nifty stuff that isn't visible from this vantage point. Just over the hill is Lawrence Hall of Science, a science museum that I used to love as a kid, especially when they had the annual animatronic dinosaur exhibit.

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