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Mike Jittlov is love

This LJ needs to lighten up after those last couple of posts. So, I bring you The Wizard of Speed and Time:

This is the original short, which he later remade and used as the basis for his full-length picture of the same title. The whole thing is done with pixilation (stop-motion animation of real actors), even the final sequence where he sings as film props dance! Having done some stop-motion animation, the whole concept of pixilated lip-synch is mind-boggling.

Some more Jittlov on YouTube:
  • The Collector - A clip from a 1981 Disney retrospective, so you have to sit through a bit of David Hasselhoff talking about how geniuslike Walt was, but it's worth it to see Jittlov as a cheerfully obsessive collector of Mickey Mouse memorabilia who starts to hallucinate that his toys are coming to life...or is he hallucinating?
  • Swing Shift - After hours at a department store, the merchandise comes alive!
  • Fashionation / Animato - Collage animation using mainly photos clipped from fashion magazines, plus a little pixilation.
  • Time Tripper - A janitor at a Hollywood museum polishes the time machine from the George Pal movie, only to find that it's no prop. Not as much stop motion as his other stuff, but good use of paint-on-film effects.
  • The Wizard of Speed and Time (1983 version) - This is the remake of the original 16mm short he did for his full-length. Mostly a minor variation on the original with some different gags (and no song-and-dance). I prefer the original, but this one is still worth checking out.
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