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Snakes on the brain

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So, I saw SoaP on Friday. Capsule review:

It was awesome! Snakes everywhere!

Slightly longer report:

Friday is casual day at my job, so I went to work wearing my Snakes Flying A Plane T-shirt...and a rubber snake around my neck. I got some great double takes and a couple of expressions of jealousy over my shirt, and chatted about the movie/phenomenon in general. Work flew by, but I got a coworker to take a few pictures of me in full regalia on my camera-phone:

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Anyway, after work I picked up the tickets I'd bought online and met up with my dad and vcwhitey. There seemed to be a zillion trailers (I hate to say it, but the Tenacious D movie looks like crap), but finally the movie started.

It kicked ass.

I'd been worried that, after the producers caught wind of the Internet parody-buzz, that they would have reshot and re-edited to make it more goofy. The problem with that is that (a) the whole joke was that the movie was dead serious about its ridiculous premise, and Samuel L. Jackson was the only person involved who was in on the gag, and (b) making a movie intentionally campy almost never results in something as fun as a movie that is unintentionally campy (see: any Troma movie. Or don't, really). I turned out to be worried over nothing: it was goofy, but in the way that these disaster movies usually are.

It helped that the audience had the perfect "midnight movie" attitude, cheering and groaning and shouting at the screen the whole way. Whenever there was a snake attack, I'd wave my rubber snake in the air. At some point (can't remember which), I let off my trick-snake-in-a-can, which surprised some people a few rows ahead. And when SLJ finally uttered The Line, I threw my rubber snake in the air.

You know the witness is an X-TREEM DOOD because he's always surrounded by Red Bull. Red Bull: it gives you wings WITH SNAKES ON THEM!

Snakes on a tit!

Snakes on a cock! (many groans from the audience)

Yes, eat the damn dog!

"You'd be surprised what a man can do with only one hand."

Snakes on an eyeball! GODDAMN

"It's not a video game, it's a flight simulator!" "Playstation or XBox?"

The music video (which plays during the credits) is fun to watch, but damn does that song suck a fat one.

Want to see it again.

Surprisingly, I managed to recover the rubber snake after the lights came up, and after emptying my snake in the men's room took a pic of a Snake On A Drain:
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After that, my dad went home, and Joe and I hung out, played video games, and drank. I suck at pool, by the way.

That is all.
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