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Do you speak Nordic?

This site falls into the "unintentionally amusing" category. It doesan't look like much at first, but check out the list of languages: besides expected entries like "English" and "Japanese", it also lists "Pidgin" (which one?), "Sign Language" (again, which one?), "Proto" (huh?), "Nordic" (say wha?), "Paulic" (???), and "Universities" (okay, I know some people joke about academics not speaking English, but come on). here are also some non-"auxiliary language" conlangs in there, including Klingon (come on, are there seriously jobs out there that require a familiarity with Klingon? Besides maybe working for Paramount?), and Yiklamu of all things! Yiklamu doesn't even have an accessible lexicon yet! They missed Quenya, Sindarin, and Tdaroga, though.

(Hey woap , what happened to the Tdaroga pages? They're missing!)

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