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122 key keyboard


Too bad it's not USB, and doesn't have windows and menu keys.'s got Sun-style editing keys! Rawk! The same company also makes an APL keyboard.

I was joking here but I really would like a keyboard with all sorts of extra keys. It wouldn't be useful, but it'd be still cool to have. I mean, it's not like I ever used the editing keys when I used the SPARCstations in the computer labs at USC*. And the windows keys on a regular PC keyboard work just fine as Super keys. But still, I mean, just look at how nifty a space cadet keyboard is (despite the butt-ugly color scheme)! Add editing keys to the side, some F-keys above, maybe some "Internet keys" (volume control, MP3 track changing, common apps) and an extra mousewheel under the editing we're talking!

I am the king of feature bloat! Bow down!

*which I used even for just web browsing--they usually didn't have a waiting list like the PCs and Macs, and I could access my UNIX account from any of them so I could keep bookmarks around. I'm just sorry I didn't back up the data I had on them before I left, because I lost a lot of stuff

EDIT: Looking at the users' guide, it seems that the 122-key model doesn't have Sun-style editing keys, it just looks that way. The two-column block on the right consists of the Esc key, the Prt Scr, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys (moved from their usual position above Insert etc.), plus Help, Print, Record, and Play. So, not quite so cool, even though it has a double set of F-keys. Oh well. Maybe when I'm rich I can get them to custom-build me a keyboard...
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