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15 April 2006 @ 01:39 am
Gimme gimme  
tagged by danihana

Name five items or services with which you could be bribed. Money is the obvious example. After your answers 'tag' at least five people so that this will spread like a stinky wildfire.

1) A round-trip ticket to Japan.

2) Books/graphic novels. Particularly on languages, writing, and games. And especially Science Made Stupid, a book that warped my childhood. And I gotta fill out my Sandman and Starman collections, doncha know.

3) High-end computer components. This crappy Compaq is just a stopgap—I want to build my own computer again, one with some horsepower.

4) A Sextet deck of cards. If you can find one, I want it.

5) New in-line skates.

Tagged: vcwhitey, _gerald, demiurgent, alun_clewe, lord_killroy, aurora77