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Olympic gripe

My entire family wants to strangle the female skating commentator. She's always talking about "what's going through their head right now", whining about how the new scoring system makes skaters just stick in a bunch of fancy moves with no real choreography, and complaining that routines that are actually fun to watch "aren't taking enough risks". Those last two require a bit of cognitive dissonance to believe simultaneously, since one claims that big moves are being emphasized over choreography to the detriment of the sport, and the other claims that choreography is being emphasized over big moves to the detriment of the sport. You can't have it both ways (and besides, I have detected neither tendency...the only thing that stands out for me this olympiad, figure skating-wise, is the unusually large number of pratfalls on the ice). It kind of reminds me of a guy I used to game with: during combat, he'd whine that the run was nothing but combat, but out of combat he'd fall asleep. I hate that crap.
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