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06 February 2006 @ 11:12 pm
Roleplaying blues  
I'm at a loss as to what to do at this Thursday night's gaming session. My character's on a quest to obtain an ancient artifact and bring it back to his people (it was originally theirs, or rather the property of one of their gods, but was stolen and taken to another country). I was basically expecting a search-for-the-long-lost-doohickey situation, but when the group got to the capital city of the country where it was taken, it turns out it wasn't long lost after all. In fact, it's on display in the front of the temple of their god*. One of my allies is a priest of that god. And he's starting to question why he should be helping me do this, since it'd essentially be stealing his people's prized artifact (see, to them it's the weapon of their legendary hero, and they don't think of it as stolen, more a "spoils of war" sort of thing).

There have been hints that the one on display is actually a fake (I won't go into details, because I'd have to describe a lot of the game world and it'd take forever). That means grabbing & dashing isn't really an option, which is just as well since my guy is a (rather weak & lousy) warrior, not a rogue. But that doesn't help with the main problem, which is balancing accomplishing my quest with not pissing off my teammate.

I'm completely at a loss.
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cholma: blankcholma on February 8th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
Well, if you can verify that the one on display is a fake, then the populace might not find out when you steal the real one. (especially if you can somehow conjure/create a fake of your own to replace the real one when you take it.)

Obviously, the stumbling part is your teammate. You could try to convince him that since the fake is what the general public there see, it doesn't really hurt them to lose the real one. (odds are against him buying this reasoning though) Are the two gods equal or is one more powerful than the other? If yours is the more powerful/dominant one, then that might used to coerce him to going along with this. The item belongs to your god and if he doesn't get it back, there could be terrible consequences for your teammate's faith. (ie, he'd being a GOOD thing for his god by helping return it to its rightful owner)