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Man about town

Today was mostly spent skating around town. First stop was Comic Relief (new comics day): read issues of The Authority, Evil Eye, etc., and ended up buying the Hellboy: Weird Tales vol. 1 trade. Li'l Hellboy rules. "The boy has eaten the pancake. He will never join us now"

Next on the agenda was bookstore browsing. I actually haven't done that for a while. Probably because I always end up spending money. At Barnes & Noble (yeah, it's an evil chain, but it's less evil than Borders) I got A Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese (to replace my old kanji workbooks, which are missing the pages I had to turn in back when I was taking classes), A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns, and the latest copy of Video Watchdog. I leafed through Gozo Shioda's two books on Aikido, Dynamic Aikido and Total Aikido. The latter looked especially good, but I still decided against buying them just now.

Across the street at Pegasus Books, I browsed through their tiny Martial Arts and Language sections. Flipping through their CD rack, I happened on a recording of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Rite of Spring on Naxos (great label BTW). Stravinsky is awesome, and the CD was $7, so I bought it.

After a brief stop in a coffeehouse/net cafe to get a caffeine boost and do some posting to LJs and the Zoo, I went up to Telegraph and Cody's Books. In their comics/trade paperbacks section (which is mostly heavy on the indie/art-lit stuff) I came across a book titled How To Read Superhero Comics and Why. It's mostly about the "third age" of comics starting with stuff liike Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, and contained the passage "...avoid at all costs the temptation to refer to this movement as 'postmodern' or 'deconstructionist' or something equally tedious." which meant I had to buy it. In the art section, I found a book called Visual Storytelling: Art and Technique which looks very interesting. It has an introduction by Harlan Ellison, and an essay by Jim Steranko. I consider Steranko to be one of the major innovators in American comic layout, so that sold me. I like to browse art sections, even though I don't consider myself an artist (I've done some fanart--all of it traced from photos), mostly to buy stuff for artist friends.

Over in the computer section I found Grokking the GIMP, but it was more than $40 so it didn't seem worth it. They had the O'Reilly GIMP Pocket Reference, though, which looked handy and cost much less, so I picked that up. Finally, in the language section I compared All About Particles (a companion volume to te book on sentence patterns) with Kodansha's A Dictionary of Japanese Particles, and got the latter which seemed to cover more ground and also had plenty of exercises. Finally, I know what ぞ and ぜ mean at the ends of sentences!

Another trip down to Shattuck led me to Movie Image, my favorite video store. It seems like they're preparing to move, and they're getting rid of all of their VHS tapes. :( Attention craziesunshine : they're selling their collection of anime, so you might want to check it out.

Then home, and dinner. A rich, full day.

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