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25 January 2006 @ 09:51 pm
Ladies and gentlemen, the Chuck Norris meme has officially peaked  
The Legend of Young Chuck Norris: The Music Video

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cholma: grin2cholma on January 26th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)
The funny thing is that this was written last October but just aired recently, as written in Wil Wheaton's blog (wilwheaton):

In response to my post about Young Chuck Norris, Deep Throat writes:

Hey Wil,

I have some facts I can share about Young Chuck Norris that may help to clear the air.

It was written in October (by Andrew Steele), but it didn't get a green light until Lazy Sunday's success opened the doors for shorts like these. The Lonely Island guys weren't aware of the Chuck Norris Facts meme until after the short aired and everyone started emailing it to them.

It is a parody of 80's hair rock videos. They liked the American We Stand As One video and thought it would be a cool homage to dress the guy like him. Also it was a convenient way to describe the look to the costume department. The total shooting budget was zero dollars. All of the non-SNL people in the video were just random people from the park (including the kids).

Other than the wardrobe, any similarities are coincidental. They are all just cliches one finds in 80's rock videos.

Your Well Placed Anonymous Source