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Could this be the next Nanaca Crash?

Found a fun new flash game: Levers

The object is to cause the little dial at the top to turn, by hanging objects on the scales (just click and drag the hooks to the hanger loops). Every time it makes a full revolution, you get a new object to hang. Each object has a different weight, and some have special properties:
  • The water bucket has a spigot at the bottom that can be opened by hovering the pointer over it. You can adjust its weight in this manner. To refill, dip it in the water at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hanging the birdhouse for the first time summons birds. They will sometimes go into the birdhouse, but also alight on the hangers, and they have their own weight. They're kind of frustrating, because they have a habit of moving right when you're about to achieve the necessary balance. You can cause them to take off and find a new roost by hovering the pointer.
  • The snowman will eventually melt until only his hat is left. This takes a while.
  • The sponge absorbs water if you dip it, but will dry out (and become lighter) over time.
I've gotte up to what appears to be the Head of God, but after that I'm kinda stumped.
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