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So on Friday the 13th, LiveJournal suddenly exploded with pictures of Batgirls. It all started when an artist posted pics of an alternate Batgirl from an unsuccessful pitch to DC Comics for a Batgirl Elseworlds (for those not into DC, Elseworlds is their term for self-contained stories not set in the official continuity, e.g. "Superman: Red Son", in which the infant Kal-El landed in the USSR). Some of his artist lj-friends posted their own versions of Batgirl, and from there it caught on like wildfire throughout the artistically-inclined parts of LiveJournal. As of last count there are more than 300 pieces, and that's just the ones that have come to the attention of himynameisjamie, who is maintaining the master list. There are quite a few Barbara Gordons, and very few Cassandra Cains, but most are completely original in the spirit of the pic that started it all.

Now, I'm no artist, but I know what I like. So I'm going to list the ones I've seen that I thought were particularly good, in no particular order.
The full list is here.

EDIT: added mercuryshade
EDIT: added windwoodrose, kosher_jenny, marukka, and haikuninja. Bumping.
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    Wicked Witch of the Weld by * Hail-NekoYasha on deviantART

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