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Anime Night

Okay, I finally finished off my roll of film and got it developed . So here we go with my photos from the latest Northern California Boardies Anime Night (which turned into more of a weekend).

o~/Hey, hey, the gang's all here.../~o

Well, not really. There was one more to come.

Here we have (from left to right)  Sartan, the lovely Aurora, the lovely Roscoe, Starlock, Starlock's daughter Caitlin, and Santa Stitch. Stitch was in an unusually introspective mood and barely spoke at all the whole time.

I'm the handsome devil on the far left.

Roscoe is a man of many talents

Not least of which is balancing little menu thingies on his head at diners:

But wait, Caitlin can do it too!

Taken at our lunch at Johnny Rockets, where we got ourselves hideously stuffed. The waiter didn't even blink when I ordered a chocolate Coke.

I have wood and need sheep

Back at Aurora's, playing Settlers of Catan:

We were joined by a surprise guest, The Wingnut. Sartan and Aurora teamed up (as a single player) to trounce Rosc, Wing, and myself mercilessly. Here, Rosc can be seen handing the box of chocolate mochi ice cream back to Starlock. Roscoe would eat anything except Pocky (regardless of the variety), showing that there is indeed something seriously wrong with that boy's head.

Starlock gets kinky

Here we see Starlock sticking a Pocky up his Collon. You can see a creamy substance come out:

We watched some AMVs, some Azumanga Daioh (the "dream" episode was a highlight...we were rolling on the floor during Osaka's dream), the frist couple of Read Or Die OAVs (the third was a corrupted file, unfortunately), what there is of Macross Zero so far (which is pretty sweet),and just enough Gantz to know that it's completely weird. Dinner was Japanese curry on steamed rice. During most of this, Caitlin played Kingdom Hearts.

Starlock and Caitlin left in the evening. She had to go to bed, after all. Wing, Ros, and I talked until about 4 in the morning.

The morning after

 The next morning we watched a few episodes of Cinderella Boy, which was pretty funny. You can see it on the computer screen here:

Meanwhile, Sartan and Aurora cleaned up.

Kicking Roscoe to the curb

Ros had a bus to catch, so we drove him to the Greyhound station (cutting it mighty close). Aurora gave him a goodbye hug.

In both of these pics, you can see a bit of Wingnut's Fury in the bottom left corner.

The rest of the second day was spent watching more AMVs, cleaning up, talking, and generally goofing off. Sartan played a lot of Resident Evil for GameCube (shades of BoardieCon 2003).

Wingnut gave me a ride home. I should have gotten a pic of him in costume standing by the Fury, but I just didn't think of it at the time. Oh well.

It was a rich, full day. Er...weekend.

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