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Found a couple of cool videos of crazy stunts today.

  • Monkeyboy — what is the secret of your pow-errr? This is one of the best parkour vids I've seen. This guy scales abandoned apartment buildings (without using the fire escapes), does backflips from balconies, and even does the old kung fu movie trick of climbing by jumping off of walls. Walls, fences, gaps, and cars are no impediment to his acrobatic rampage. It's got a pretty sweet soundtrack too.

  • The video ends with the word(s?) "DvinskClan". I looked it up, thinking it was probably the name of the group that did the video, and sure enough it seems to be some sort of parkour group in (I think) Russia. That video actually seems to be edited down from a longer video. This one has an intro section, more than one guy, and some bits with the main guy that didn't make the cut in the other video (although they explain where the dog comes from at one point). I prefer the other one—this one has a bit of filler, I like the soundtrack to the other one more (although this one has some nice French hip-hop)—but this one also has some really nice tricks that the other doesn't. Like doing a backflip off the side of a trolley from standing, and some pommel-horse-like tricks on fences and flat surfaces.

  • Kung fu mayhem! This is a demo video by a martial arts stunt studio called Zero Gravity. It's like every cool bit you've ever seen in a Hong Kong actioner rolled up into a short clip reel. It includes three-way fighting, multiple opponents, nasty-looking falls on concrete, midair collisions, lightning fast flurries of strikes, and creative use of a shopping cart. It also shows some of the CGI mocap work they've done for video games and movies like Daredevil. The group's site is here.
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