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From the ultra top secret opers-only channel on Nightstar. This started with ToxicFrog (who was fairly talkative for someone who was supposedly away from his keyboard) complaining about keyboards with extra buttons and keys:

<Pi>    Now I have a wireless kb that I *think* has about 170 keys.
<PinkFreud>    jeebus.
<PinkFreud>    only 170?
<Pi>    Well, not quite...  But it is a standard 104 layout, plus 23 extra keys arranged around the outside.
<Kazriko>    hmm. lesse, 101+22 keys on this, and 2 wheels.
<Kazriko>    also wireless.
<PinkFreud>    laptop keyboard.  not wireless, unless you count the laptop.
<Pi>    Ah.  I was counting each wheel as 2 keys, because each one emulates two keypresses (scrlup, scrldn) so it's 104 + 19 + 2 wheels
<Kazriko>    hmm, well, one's more of a volume knob than a wheel.
<Kazriko>    i counted the wheel as 1 key, plus a wheel, (you can push it in as well.)
<gwalla>    I want one of those crazy Lisp machine keyboards
<gwalla>    that have like 357 keys
<Pi>    Then there's the 7-button + wheel mouse....
<Kazriko>    my home mouse is a 4 button plus wheel,
<PinkFreud>    i still like the old three-button mice.
<PinkFreud>    the ones you can now only find on *nix workstations.
<Kazriko>    heh, my linux system has a nice 2 button mouse.
<Kazriko>    and a nice 3 button trackball.
<PinkFreud>    i'm using a three button (wheel) mouse, though.
<Pi>    ... Five-button + wheel trackball at work...  :)
<Pi>    (and ironically, I miss those extra three buttons at work)
<PinkFreud>    i do have two granite sgi mice w/ 3 buttons though
*    ToxicFrog[AFK] is still looking for a proper DEC RT101.
<PinkFreud>    complete with the requisite sgi workstations
<PinkFreud>    i'm just nuts that way
<gwalla>    If somebody made a space-cadet keyboard with function keys and "Internet keys", I'd be all over it
<gwalla>    more keys == more BETTER!
*    ToxicFrog[AFK] eyes gwalla.
<gwalla>    hehe
*    ToxicFrog[AFK] hands gwalla a small pamphlet reading "Hardware Bloat: Just Say No."
<gwalla>    with windows keys and menu keys and open and closed apple keys!!!1
*    gwalla twitches
<ToxicFrog[AFK]>    ...he's gone.
*    ToxicFrog[AFK] shoots gwalla humanely.
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