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The new job is working out pretty well. Coworkers and boss are decent, and working in a hospital is kind of interesting (although being in the blood bank when someone returns a couple of packs of human juice because "he was gone before he got here" feels pretty weird).

Yesterday was New Comics Day, so I went to Comic Relief after work and picked up a few—Justice League: A New Beginning (reprinting the beginning of the '80s Giffen/DeMatteis-era JL, including the classic scene of Batman punching Guy Gardner's lights out), Formerly Known As The Justice League (a reunion of sorts of the G/DM League, before Identity Crisis ruined everything), Hitman: Who Dares Wins, and a couple of pamphlets: X-Men/Power Pack (remember Power Pack? I used to have an anti-drug propaganda comic featuring them), Shaolin Cowboy (Geoff Darrow—Matrix designer and Frank Miller collaborator on Hard Boiled—being absolutely bugfuck insane), and Fin Fang 4 (a one-shot featuring old Marvel monsters Fin Fang Foom, Gorgilla, Elektro, Googam son of Goom, and Tim Boo Ba, drawn by Roger Langridge).

Today after work I had a few beers at Jupiter and bought some stuff at Rasputin's records. A King Crimson album, the Batman Begins DVD, the Repo Man DVD, and...something. I forget. Oh yeah, an MF Doom/DJ Danger Mouse collaboration with hype quotes from Adult Swim characters. I'm still kinda drunk.
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