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Describes me just about perfectly. Back when I was running Linux, I would have several desktops open at once, each for a different task, with browser windows and other apps spread throughout, each browser window with several tabs. I set up Gnome so that there were two taskbars: the one on the bottom had tabs for the current desktop's windows ungrouped, while the one at the top showed all windows grouped by applications, so I could immediately go to whatever I needed to look at. It was super-efficient. I owned the Internet.

As one of the commenters on that blog put it, I "should have majored in Miscellaneous". My interests are all over the map, and I suck up trivia like a sponge.

I multitask like crazy as long as the tasks are structured or under my control. However, if they are out of my control (such as the phones at my last job, which I had to answer immediately no matter what I was doing) it completely throws me off and I get scattered.
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