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Whatever happened to fun?

There was a time, not so long ago, when comic books could actually be light and fun. But for more than a decade now, they've been dominated by the grim, gritty, and X-TREEM. Just look at DC's "Identity Crisis" crossover, which involved the forced lobotmoization of an old villain, mind-wiping heroes (including Batman!) who didn't agree with it, and the separate rape and murder of the Elongated Man's pregnant wife. Or their latest clusterfuck crossover, Identity Crisis, which seems to be based almost entirely on the heroes being assholes.

Reviewer Paul O'Brien takes on Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which sets up the whole mess, and finally takes the entire comic book industry to task for getting "depressing" confused with "deep". As a bonus, he's written a good capsule review of Villains United #1 (the brightest spot in the Infinite Crisis morass), which takes a swipe at all the Crisis tie-in miniseries.
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