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Grand theft auto

My car was stolen last night.

I was at a friend's house in Oakland. The plan was to play a couple of board games, then head out to Emeryville to shoot some pool, and break it all up around 11. We played a game each of Goldbrau (which isn't that great) and Monopoly, then left to go to our cars around 9:20. Only mine wasn't there anymore. No broken glass (and I know I locked it), just a big truck where my car had been parked. So instead of playing pool we were stuck at the house waiting for the cops to come so they could take a report (why they couldn't do it over the phone I don't know, since there was nothing to see there). I had to send a friend out to pick up my dad and bring him there, since he was the registered owner and had the insurance info (and I couldn't remember the license plate number).

So we all ended up waiting around. My dad waited out front to wave down the cops when they arrived, my friends mostly stayed inside, and I went in and out—in for warmth, and out to escape the horrendous VH1 reality shows my friend's GF insisted on watching. The cops didn't arrive until about 12:20, and of course it only took minutes to write up the report (but they couldn't send it in right away and get us a case number, because their computer was down). My dad and I didn't get home until after 12:30. Between that, and having to get up 40 minutes earlier than usual so I could take the bus to work, I ended up not getting any sleep at all.

At least I won at Monopoly.
Tags: real life, whining

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