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Caught the debut of NWA-TNA Impact on Fox Sports today, and taped it for my friend Joe (the one going to wrestling school). Not bad. You can tell they're not really used to doing commercial TV yet. Here's how it breaks down:
  • Team Canada vs. "Team International", 3 on 3 tag - Team International is Sonjay Dutt (Bombay), Hector Garza (Mexico), and Amazing Red (Brooklyn, but "of Puerto Rican descent"). I can't remember who was in Team Canada. Decent match, somewhat marred by Amazing Red not putting much visible effort into it. He wasn't selling anything very well. I liked Dutt and Garza though. Team International won.
  • Abyss vs. Shark Boy - Shark Boy has a ridiculous costume, complete with a fin on the top of his mask. Abyss basically has Vic Grimes' old costume. Mostly a squash. Afterwards a guy in a Popeye costume, probably a Universal Studios tie-in, came out to console Shark Boy.
  • Dusty Rhodes comes out and talks about stuff. Then current NWA champ Jeff Jarrett comes out and trash talks him, then they fight, then 3 Live Crew jumps in to defend Rhodes. Your basic promo stuff.
  • Kid Kash & Dallas (C) vs. America's Most Wanted, NWA tag team title match - Fun tag match. The challengers won. The match was split by commercials, and annoyingly when they came back they cut to a replay of what'd happened during the break right when somebody was about to get powerbombed. They'll get better at timing these things, hopefully. I like how WWE uses a split-screen for replays so you don't miss anything.
  • Big documentary-style promo about how X Division makes the world a better place in which to live.
  • Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane vs. Primetime vs. A.J. Styles, four-way match (one fall) for the X Division #1 contendership - This was a spotfest, plain and simple. No real psychology or storytelling, just crazy spot after crazy spot. I'm not complaining though, it was a lot of fun. Styles won out of nowhere, and will face Frankie Kazarian later (can't remember if it's at the next Impact or the next PPV)
So there you have it. I believe I'll keep watching. I like how there was pretty much no "backstage" promo crap: almost everything was in the ring.


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