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More wrestling thoughts

A few more match types.
  • Three-Way Ironman — Pretty much what it sounds like: a three-man variant on an ironman match (most decisions by the end of the time limit wins): both decisions (when a wrestler pins or submits another) and falls (when a wrestler is pinned or submitted) are tallied, and the winner is the one with the highest net score (decisions minus falls). Two men are active at a time, and can tag the third, inactive wrestler to switch places with him. Additionally, when a wrestler is pinned or submits, he  becomes inactive immediately and the current inactive wrestler becomes active.

    A negative score shouldn't be shown for any wrestler: a negative score could seriously bury a wrestler (even though, mathematicaly, if this match has a clean finish at least one wrestler's net score must be negative). Instead, if there is a visible scoreboard and a wrestler has more falls than decisions, his numbers should be colored red (accounting style) to show that he's behind. Or, better yet, it could simply show the standings (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

  • Odd-man-out (trios tornado) — This is a 6-man (trios) tag match in which two wrestlers from each team are active at a time, and the third is inactive. It works out like a basic 2-on-2 tornado tag match, but with an extra guy who can be tagged in.
  • Two ring odd-man-out — Similar to the above, but meant for use with two rings pushed together (for example, on the same card as a double battle royale or a War Games match). One member of a team is in one ring, another is in the other, and the third, inactive partner is positioned at one of the two shared corners. Either active wrestler may tag in the inactive partner and take his place. Each ring has a ref. There's a lot of potential for spots like the inactive wrestler missing a tag because he's watching the other partner, or one active wrestler catapulting into the other ring to save his teammate (he'd have to leave quickly, though, if the refs are maintaining order).
  • Simultaneous falls — A variant on the two ring odd-man-out. To get a pinfall, a team must pin the shoulders of both active members of the opposing team to the mat at the same time for a three-count (either one kicking out breaks the count). Not sure how to handle submissions here. Maybe a submission only counts if the other member's shoulders are pinned, or possibly only if they have been pinned for a three-count. Simultaneous submissions really wouldn't work (because it would be in a wrestler's best interests to tap immediately, before a hold is locked in on his opponent). Maybe it should just be pins-only. At any rate, a wrestler must break the hold when his opponent taps, per the usual rules.
I should totally be a booker. Too bad you kinda need to be a wrestler first to get the job.
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