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Wrestling thoughts

I've had a few ideas for kinds of pro wrestling matches. The problem with a lot of new matches that get introduced is that many are basically novelty or gimmick matches. Most are just slight variants on each other (even TNA's Ultimate X is basically just a ladder match without the ladder; the King of the Mountain match is a little more inventive, if slightly overcomplicated). I hope my ideas are a bit more original, or at least more interesting than the AWA's infamous "Turkey on a Pole Match".
  • Domination match — this is sort of like an elimination match turned inside out. It's a multiple-man match, with two active wrestlers in the ring and the rest at the corners outside of the ropes. When a wrestler is pinned or submits, he must exit the ring and the next wrestler comes in; however, he is not necessarily eliminated from the match. The winner is the first participant to score a decision (pinfall or submission) against each of his opponents. A wrestler is only eliminated from the match (meaning no longer participating and unable to win) if each of his opponents gets a decision against him or he is disqualified (a DQ counts as a decision against that wrestler for all remaining wrestlers). A double count-out or double KO counts as a decision against each active wrestler for the other. In the case of a tie (which can only happen in the case of a DQ or double count out/KO), all wrestlers not tied for first are eliminated and the match continues in one-fall "sudden death" between the remainder. This match would work best for 3-5 wrestlers; any more and it'd go on far too long. It actually has a different dynamic than other types of matches (a wrestler can be "down but not out"), and can develop angles in a different way (in an elimination match, a wrestler can win without having himself eliminated all of his opponents, not so here).
  • Three-For-All —a slight variation on a three-man domination match. The only differences are that all three wrestlers are active at the same time, and a double count-out/KO results in a win for the third man. It's a nice counterpart to the classic Triple Threat (one fall between three men) and ECW's Three-Way Dance (three-man elimination).
  • Double Challenger — One champ faces two challengers, however (unlike a handicap match) the challengers are not cooperating: a challenger wins if he pins or submits the champ; the champ wins only if both challengers are eliminated; a challenger can eliminate the other challenger.
  • King of the Castle — This one hasn't been fully thought out yet. It takes place in a ring with a platform of some kind above it, and is sort of two matches in one: on the "ground floor", it's basically a battle royale (wrestlers eliminated by being thrown over the ropes to the floor outside); on the platform, which a wrestler must climb up onto, it's a one-fall match, and the first wrestler to pin or submit another wrestler wins the entire thing. If the match is reduced to two wrestlers, there can be no more eliminations. The only problem is how to set up the platform: preferably, it'd be a sort of cage, and wrestlers must be able to climb up yet it can't get in the way of throwing wrestlers over the ropes.
  • Trios elimination — Essentially a Tag Team Turmoil match between a few three-man teams, using lucha libre Relevas Australianos tag trio rules: if the captain of a team, or both of the non-captain members of a team, is eliminated, the entire team is eliminated. Last team standing wins.
  • Jailbreak match — The simplest way of descibing this is "half of a cage match": one wrestler (the "prisoner") wins if he escapes over the top of the cage, while the other (the "guard") wins if he pins or submits the prisoner. It could be easily adapted to tag teams, handicap (two guards vs. one prisoner, or vice versa), or multiple competitors as well.
It'd be nice if Total Nonstop Action started up a women's division with a title (possibly the NWA Women's Championship). It seems unlikely, though, since they'd basically be starting from scratch (they've only ever had 2 female wrestlers, and Tracy keeps leaving), but they could partner with Japan's ARSION or some other joshi promotion, and maybe get some luchadoras from Mexico. It'd be nice to have an alternative to WWE's anemic women's division, one where some of the women can actually wrestle (WWE currently has two women who can put on decent matches, Trish Stratus and Victoria; Molly Holly asked to be let go, Lita has gotten dangerously sloppy, and the rest are just eye candy).

A more immediate possibility is a lucha-style trios title. They already have a trios division of sorts with their Super X Cup and World X Cup tournaments, and the larger six-sided ring is well-suited to the larger number of competitors. Team Canada has been a dependable heel stable for a while, and the new James Gang (led by Kip James, formerly WWE's Billy Gunn) could also compete. All they need is a title.
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