gwalla (gwalla) wrote,

Job's over, folks. Nothing to see here.

So much for that being a summer position.

On the Monday after I started, there was another temp there. It turned out that the branch manager thought I wasn't working out, and had asked for a new temp, however, the agency had failed to call and tell me, so they let me stay and work. By the end of the day, however, the manager brought me into her office and said that they'd decided to keep me on instead of the other temp.

However, this Friday she told me that since the office had gotten so busy, they were re-hiring somebody who'd been laid off from the office before to act as a floating assistant (assistants have more responsibilities than receptionists, as they handle part of the escrow process). She said that if things continued the way they were going, they'd probably want me back in a couple of weeks. And she put in a good word for me with the agency. Still, that means I'm out again.

It's funny. The last job I got through the agency I hated, and when it ended I was really down and bitter. This job I didn't mind so much, but I don't feel so bad this time.
Tags: real life


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