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I guess that's why they call him the Working Man

So I managed to convince the temp agency that I still existed, and yesterday they called me in to take a few tests on office skills: 10-key typing, MS Word, and Excel. I ended up doing really well on the 10-key test (surprisingly, since I almost never use the number pad).  I was expecting the Word and Excel tests to be harder than they were: it turned out to be mainly stuff like "open a document", "make this passage bold", have this cel calculate the total profit", etc. I did really well on the Word test, and pretty decently on the Excel test (although some of the ones the system said I got wrong seemed to have the correct results at the time, so I dunno what's up with that). The woman there went over the results with me and said they were impressive, but also said they didn't have any job openings currently.

This morning I get a call from them, asking if I'd be interested in a front desk receptionist job. I said yes (I'm not really in the position to say no), and they said they'd send the company my resume and that I'd get a call from them sometime for a phone interview. This afternoon the company called, we talked, I did my best to make a good impression, they asked some questions, I answered truthfully, and it seemed to go well. They said they'd try to set up a real interview soon. Later, though, the agency called again and said that the company seemed to like me, and could I start tomorrow? YES.

Only downsides: it's across town, and work starts at 8 every day, which is earlier than I'd like. However, it beats getting up at 5am and driving on the freeway half-asleep to get to the furniture warehouse, which was the last place the agency sent me. And of course I'm nervous as hell.
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