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Boy, is my face red!

Yesterday was Carnaval in San Francisco's Mission district. I met up with my friend Joe at the 24th & Mission BART station and we walked down to where the action was. We also hooked up with Joe's friend Dave and our mutual friend Jon. There were three different music stages: the westmost had mostly Spanish-language music, the middle (and largest) had some bands from Brazil and the Carnaval dancing girls (whoo!) and ended with a pretty awesome reggaeton group from Puerto Rico. The eastmost stage, which was just off of the main drag, seemed to be mostly local reggaeton. Good stuff. At the east stage we danced near a couple of very cute girls, but I couldn't work up the nerve to hit on them.

We stayed until the whole thing closed down, then went to a local theater where a bunch of old bands from the Mission were supposed to get together and play. He went in and talked a bit with one of Joe & Jon's coworkers—who was in one of the bands—as they were setting up, but the place was sold out and he couldn't score us seats of backstage passes or anything, so we ended up getting kicked out.

Afterwards we went back to Jon's place in Oakland, where we were joined by our friends Thomas and Cole, Jon's girlfriend Kelly, and Kelly's friend Matt. We played a party game called Time's Up, which is a card-based variant of charades. It's played in teams, and the object is to guess the most cards correctly. It's played in three phases (re-using the same cards in each phase): in the first, you describe the person named on the card and your partner has unlimited guesses; in the second, you are limited to a single word and your partner gets one guess (or can pass); in the third, no words are allowed and you must mime the person. This can be very difficult (how the hell do you mime Odysseus? Or Jackie Collins?). I thought I'd be terrible at it but Thomas and I blew away both of the other teams, mostly due to dominating the first two rounds. My Jim Morrison impression was a hit: I jumped up on the couch, started to pull my shirt off (before deciding against it), and mimed screaming into a mic. I suppose for the full effect I should've unzipped my pants, but I wasn't willing to go that far. After that we played a rather unsatisfactory game of Bang!, partly due to my being an inattentive Sheriff (I shot Jon when it should've been obvious that he was a Deputy, after starting the game by shooting Joe who also turned out to be a Deputy and who was the first to die), and partly due to some terrible card draws for Joe and Jon. Also, Matt, who'd never played before, was eliminated early (he was the Renegade, poor bastard), and he took it a little hard. While we were playing, Cole's girlfriend Becky(?) arrived. Finally, we played a so-so game of Taboo ending in a draw before the party broke up.

As for the title of this entry: I stupidly neglected to put on sunscreen that morning before heading to San Fran, and it was bright, sunny, and hot. My face and neck got fried. I'm still bright red. Fortunately I put on a lot of aloe/lidocaine gel before bed and when I got up this morning, or else I'd probably look like I was made out of papier-mâché right now.
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